How to removsecondary hard drive and still be able to boot windows 7

I installed windows 7 on my computer that has two hard drives and I tried to remove the secondary drive ( it was used as storage) when I removed the second drive I was then unable to restart my computer. I tried to repair start up from the install disk (3 times) it did not work. when I plug the second drive I am able to start up again. I would like to remove the storage drive and replace with a larger. I bought a wireless seagate 2tb free agent goflex hard drive and wanted to put the 2 tb hard drive into the computer and take my 1 tb drive from the computer and use it in the wireless system. any help would be appreciated thank you in advance
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  1. Sounds like you'll have to do a clean install of Windows on your Primary drive with the other drive disconnected...
  2. when you attempted the start up recovery did you boot from the DVD with the other drive disconnected?
  3. It sounds like your boot manager was installed onto your second hard drive.

    The simple answer is to reconnect your 2nd hard drive, initiate a windows easy transfer to backup your settings, disconnect all other drives, re-install windows, reconnect all other drives and restore your settings. Note:- WET will not transfer all your settings.

    The complicated answer is to shrink your OS partition by as much as you can, copy it using imaging software to another partition on a spare drive, disconnect all drives except the one you want to install your OS onto, re-install windows, reconnect your other drives and restore your backup partition to your OS drive. You may also have to change the boot ordr in your bios.
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