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Hi, i have recently bought a new computer - and it has a 80GB Seagate HDD. i have asked it to be partitioned into 3 drives - 20/30/30....but i have realised that when i go into the drive and select the files(a total of 4-no folders, its a backup drive) - it shows around 4GB used....but when i go into my computer, right click on the drive and select properties it says i've used 6GB.?!?!?!!?
Also in properties i have "Allow Indexing Service to index this drive for fast file searching" - is this the reason it is taking up hte extra space???

plz help

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  1. Its probably the MFT thinngy (master file table)
    . Dont worry too much about it, if you run out of room you can cut into it.

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