Need advice on Corsair XMS 3200 vs. 2700

I am working on upgrading my existing system with a new board and memory. I haven't decided on the KT400 or nForce2 chipset yet, but am more interested in the memory. The reviews I read on your site show that in both chipsets the 2700 memory modules have a slight speed advantage over the 3200.

When I went to price out Cosair XMS CL2 512mb 2700 and 3200 chips, I found there literally is only a $5 difference in price. If i bought the 3200 chip, can i lock the motherboard in a 2700 mode in order to the speed advantage of a 2700 chip? or should I just run it a 3200? Also, fancy options aside, which chipset (KT400, Nforce2) supports the memory better? I am trying to look down the line and buy memory that is compatible with the future opteron cpu, yet also have good performance now. I mostly use my machine for games and video encoding using TMPGEnc. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  1. PC3200 can be set to PC2700 speeds in the no worry there. If they are similar in price, i believe its better to go with the 3200 because it probably has a faster latency at 2700 speeds.
    as for chipsets, the nForce2 supports dual channel, which should give you better performance. you will need 2 modules (preferably the same size/speed/manufacurer) to take advantage of.
    of course this is moot if you don't have a proc that supports 333FSB (AMD 2700+ or greater (and maybe some 2600+?)) unless you plan on OCing. otherwise go with the VIA chipset.
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