Access WAN via Wireless while firewalling wired computers

I'm helping someone who moved his office into a storage facility which provides access to the internet via WiFi. I don't want to firewall each of his computers but would like to use his router (Belkin Share 300N) as the WAN connection using the wireless while connecting each of his (DHCP) wired computers via the wired ports on his router. I'd also like to insure that casual users of the facility's WiFi network will not be able to see his computers. In effect I want to reverse the usual cofiguration of Wired connection to WAN and wireless connection to router. Instead I want the router to connect to the facility WiFi for internet access and firewall the wired connections from other wireless users.
Can this be done?
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  1. does the Belkin have a Guest wireless network option?
  2. I'm not sure but I don't recall seeing it while in the firmware. The manual (or quick start guide) in kinda thin on specifics.

    I'm beginning to think that I'll need another wireless access point wired to the Belkin via the wan port. Configure the new access point to link to the facility WiFi then configure the Belkin N300 for both wired and/or wireless connections on it's own NAT serviced subnet. From what I'm reading elsewhere, the firewall feature only applies to the WAN port.
    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated particularly if anyone has done this.
  3. Your design is the correct way to do it and yes you will need another device to connect to the wan port. It needs to run client mode which is also called bridge mode. Some routers have this ability or you can buy a dedicated bridge.

    The NAT alone will provide the vast majority of the firewall function as long as you don't port map things.
  4. I have an old Linksys WAP54G that can be run in "bridge" mode, but the manual states that the bridge mode only works with "like device" or another Linksys WAP54G. I don't even have any idea what the facility is using as a wireless AP, and am not on site this week to see if I can find out.

    There seems to be a lot of buzz around using DD-WRT to mod routers and the Linksys WAP54G is on its list of supported devices so I'll see if that works. If I brick it I'll go to plan B. I just received 5 Raspberry Pi units that I ordered last summer. Perhaps this will be an interesting project for one of them!

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions as to method. I'll post here if I achieve results.

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