RAID 0/5 SX4000 - Miserable!

Calling all users who have experince or a working setup with the Promise SX4000!

This is the most dismal case of poor performance I've worked with yet... With a 256MB stick on the controller, and using 3 Maxtor 6L040L2 drives, and 16 or 64KB block sizes, any benchmarking utility shows no more the an measly 35MB/sec read. If I use a RAID0 config, I'm lucky if it peaks 40. I'm tried using it with the A7N8X-DE, and hte A7V266-E to no avial with the stock cables which come with it.

I'm using Windows 2000. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. make sure the write back cache is enabled

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  2. What benchmarking utilites are you using? Becuase for Sandra and Winbench your values sound reasonable.
  3. Nope. I also have a silicon image controller which easily pulls 75MB/sec off of them. 40MB is NOT reasonable nor acceptible when set up in the exact same manner!

  4. sandra is messed up. my raid array pulls constant 80mb/s read rate, sandra gives it like a 40.

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