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Hello ya'll, I'm having an issue with my wireless router. I am currently using a Belkin wireless router with multiple wireless access points through the household. The problem I'm experiencing is when I am attempting to use more than one computer at a time, the other computers on the network will drop signal and only say "limited connectivity", Cannot find DNS host, or will not identify any wireless network in the house. When I am using a program that requires a lot of bandwidth the program is dropped and internet connectivity is lost, I find that i have to reset the network by either removing the wireless network adapter or powering down the unit. I cannot use an Xbox on the network through the router or it lags heavily, also like I stated World of Warcraft as well. When the Xbox is wired DIRECTLY to the modem there is no issue but as long as I route it through the wireless router and back out through the back with another Ethernet cable it also lags. This seemed to start happening when I introduced a new PC into the network that uses Windows 8 I am not sure if this is related but It seems to be when this PC is off all the problems cease to exist for the MOST PART. I did a download speed test on this PC and it averaged roughly 350-400 kbs when all other computers on the network were well into 1.2 mbps. I have a new router and a new cable modem still experiencing the same problem. My firewall is turned OFF and I have tried opening ports on the router did not seem to help, All drivers are up to date on the pc. I have contacted ea games for support through WoW and they are useless. I am confused. Help me please. :bounce:
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  1. The new computer with Windows 8 is connected wirelessly ? Can you connect the new computer by ethernet cable ?
  2. I lugged it down the stairs and tried going straight into to modem with an Ethernet and experienced no problems, cant get a cord up to my room though
  3. Ran a tracert, had multple timeouts and increased time through 30 tests
  4. It may be that your computers wireless card is not configured correctly or that it's defective. Yes brand new parts can be defective.
  5. Ive swapped the wireless USB adapter into another computer and it has worked properly with good Incoming and outgoing speeds
  6. How many devices are there using wireless ?
  7. iIf i turn all of them on more roughly 7-9 but usually 1-3
  8. even if I have only one and am running through the router it can only handle light internet browsing webpages, cant stream anything or play an MMO
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