Cascade or Bridge of 2 wifi routers?

Hello, I have a question on how to improve my home network. I have Comcast digital cable TV and High speed internet that is very spotty in the coverage in our split-level home. Currently my home network setup has the cable modem located near the main box in the basement family room and a Cisco Linksys EA6500 centrally located upstairs. This does not give adequate WiFi coverage to the downstairs basement family and bedroom for Netflix, xBox and laptop computing.

I have a Cisco Linksys EA4200v1 router that I replaced the Cisco Linksys EA6500 with. Is it possible to hook the EA4200v1 router up straight from the cable modem downstairs and then run the network cable out to the EA6500 upstairs and have them all on the same network? Would this give me good coverage on both levels of the house?
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  1. Yes just cable the 6500 using a lan port and disable DHCP. You will use the 4200 for DHCP and all routing and firewall features.

    Be sure you run different channels on the 2 routers and you may want to disable the AC features unless you actually have AC nic cards. Running AC causes issues for machines running N on the 5G band
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