Cannot connect to Linksys Router Web Page

I loaded drivers by downloading on another computer @ tranfering them to a usb flash. install drivers onto target computer. These downloaded drivers are updated when you download the correct version number IE: ( ver 4 )
you will need model. serial no. and version. connect network cable to back of router, not the Internet socket, to your target computer. plug in another network cable to( modem )computer socket. you will need the ISP info. ( IE: or what ever your Internet server is. than
turn on power to router. do not turn anything on or off. your computer will look for drivers installed on your computer.
Routers need a modem to convert freq. signals from your ISP provider. the ISP tech will type in most info to get you started automaticly without talking to you.
once the router sees a modem connection (some routers are combos/router/modems. if sign in window pops up for router..type [ADMIN. ] user,
than type [ admin ] password. cisco systems owns linksys.
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  1. So after doing all this you cannot connect to the router when you type in the routers address ? Have you changed the default user name and password of the router ?
    Cisco no longer wants to own Linksys and is about to sell it to Belkin.
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