PC2100 or PC3200?

I'm getting an Asus A7N8X board (to support future upgrades) with a 2100+ processor. I already have a Geforce4 Ti4200 video card I'll be using.

My question is regarding what memory to get. My budget is limiting me in choices. I could get two CRUCIAL MICRON 256MB, CL=2.5 sticks for $110 and be able to take advantage of the dual channel DDR the board supports or just get one 256MB stick of Corsair XMS PC-3500, CL=2 for $116.

I'm wondering if I would be better with the two slower PC2100 chips, or the one faster PC3500 chip? The two chips would also be CL 2.5, while the one faster chip would be CL 2. I'm not even sure if in using the slower 2100+ cpu I can even take advantage of the faster PC3500 memory?? Any help with this would be appreciated.

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  1. also depends what proc u getting ull need an xp2700 or 2800 to take fulladvatege of ddr333 sindle or dual channel.
  2. Why would you need such a fast processor to take full advantage of DDR333 or faster? I´m using an Athlon XP1700 with DDR266, and was considering upgrading my RAM to gain better performance.
  3. Cas2.5 is like running as 33mhz slower. Just don't do it. I cas2.5 has a worst effect than the reported 5% gain from dual channel.

    But 256megs is not enough either. Get 512mb pc2100, Cas2. http://www.googlegear.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=80387-9

    You can maybe get a matching chip later but for now this will give you the best results.


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  4. Cause if u running a chip like xp 2200 or 2400 it runs at 266 and doesnt take advantage of ddr 333 its well know to most of us a fsb of 266 doesnt really benifit from ddr333 let alone ddr400, its a minor increase thats why
  5. Ok, so for now while I'm running the 2100+ processor, there will not be a significant difference between PC2100 and PC2700? I guess in that case I'll look for 2 sticks of 256MB PC2100 at Cas 2 so I can still run it dual channel.

  6. A good reason to go with the higher performing ram would be if you wanted to overclock and maintain upmost stability...just because you buy the higher performing ram doesnt mean it will perform better at stock speeds....the only way to achieve better results is to overclock the fsb to meet the memory specs then of course you would see the results...

    Just to let you know the nforce 2 mobos are capable of running a 200mhz fsb so investing in pc3200 isnt a bad idea especially if you decide to upgrade your processor in the future and the price difference between pc2100 and 3200 isnt that substantial of an investment for the benefits..my two cents

    One more thing the epox nforce2 motherboard is a much better overclocker than the asux...oops i mean asus :smile: ...anandtech has a good review on these boards so check it out before you purchase
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