Radical report differences between speed test sites.

I am noticing a bit of a slowdown over the last couple of days, so I wanted to get some reasonable data before I went to Comcast and hit them with the "What gives"? question....

Pulling a speed test from www.speedtest.net which has in the past been pretty accurate shows my speeds at just under 26 mb/s


Similar results from Speakeasy.net (sorry, not sure how to link my results from them...)

But results from testmy.net and a few others come in at under half that! One of them, don't recall offhand, shows 9.6mb/s for my download speed.

I assume this is due to speed test server loading / bandwidth saturation on their end, but I wanted to verify my thought process here. (Been a bad weekend, tired, brain not functioning well, need coffee!).

I know to expect some differences between sites due to things like routing etc... But the extremes I found a bit shocking...
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  1. I ran all three and Speakeasy was the odd download speed at 28.5/2.3Mbps with Speedtest at 50.87/2.32 and Testmy at 49.29/1.21.
  2. What service level are you getting? Around here the 50mbps package runs about $150/month. More than I want to pay... The 30mb package goes for a little over 1/3 of that...
  3. I'm pretty lucky here in Texarkana, for such a small city I am just on the fringe in the county close enough to have Cableone Internet, which they upgraded at no additional cost from 3Mbps to 50Mbps last year ($50 a month with the discount for having digital cable TV also for a total of $105). I don't use cable for telephone as I've always found it less reliable than a landline in the 5 or 6 times I tried it around the country.

    I also have a backup 3Mbps DSL line, but that isn't used much; I only got it because the DSL plus nationwide long-distance was the same cost as the basic phone plan with no Internet or long-distance, plus I get an extra line for a fax machine at no cost (that gets used about every other month).
  4. Any Linux admin jobs in Texarkana? I'd like to get away from the hurricane target that is the Houston metro area anyway... (I am only partially kidding...)
  5. No, it's pretty dead economically here -- more job losses at the largest area employer Red River Army Depot recently. As an indicator, a beer distributor told me that sales have been down by over 5% year over year since June 2012! Seems from what I hear that things are a lot more active around Tyler.
  6. Hmmm... Oh well. Guess I keep plugging away here and keep looking the I-5 corridor between Eugene and Seattle...
  7. Yeah, Texas is different. I was up in the Bay Area for 7 years before East Texas. :)
  8. RealBeast said:
    Yeah, Texas is different. I was up in the Bay Area for 7 years before East Texas. :)

    Eh, I am currently IN the bay area, it's just Galveston Bay that's all...
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