Memory timings?

Is the SPD timing values the max setting your memory can handle, or could they be optimized. If they can be optimized, can someone please explain which one of the memory timings to optimize (RAS to CAS, RAS Precharge or Active Precharge). I can run my PC2100 completely stable at 158FSB (316MHz DDR) at default timings, but I was wondering what more to do, besides opgrading...

Is it a very risky business, lowering the memory timings, cause right now I don´t have the spare parts to back me up.
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  1. Not usually risky no.
    Just lower them and test as you go.
    I sugges you use MEMTEST86. It quickly tells you if your ram can handle those memory timings or not.

    Also, a Vdimm voltage boost is known to help as well, both with high Mhz and hard memory timings. Results may vary of course. Generally its safe to take DDR ram to 2.8v, provided its of decent quality.

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  2. I dont sugeest a voltage this high

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  3. just buy some corsair XMS memory and pick the most aggressive timings... :)

    works for me.

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  4. Do as the grand PooBaa has already stated.

    "Just lower them and test as you go."

    So drop the RAS to CAS delay and the RAS Precharge down to 2. If you have a good brand of memory it should be able to handle it.

    As for the voltage modification... proceed at your own risk. It shouldn't hurt it, again as the wise PooBaa has spoken.


    Maybe you can get Fredi to change your title to the "MEMTEST King."

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  5. I´ve lowered all the memory timings to 2 and the Active Precharge to 6 (lowest value in bios). My system appears as stable as before, and my 3D mark score was raised by 812 points! Thanks everyone!!!
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