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Hi, I am trying to find out if I can add my Sharp AL-1540 to my home network. I have been using the sharp as a stand alone unit, but now want to use it as a network printer/scanner. I am running Windows7 64 bit with a linksys router. Is there any hope for me?
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  1. Yes; there is hope for you.

    Do you already have a Homegroup on your network?

    Set up a home network in Windows 7
  2. if it works as a standalone printer then it should work as a network printer

    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings

    turn on network discovery and file and printer sharing

    then try adding a network printer on your other pcs

    or if they are all windows 7 try a homegroup
  3. Thanks guys, I will look into doing that. At the same time I might have mislead you a bit. When I said stand alone I meant, not hooked up to a computer. I use the Sharp as a photocopier only. So I also need to find drivers, and I do not know where to look. I tried Sharp, and they do not have anything for the AL-1540
    Hope I have made my issue clearer.
  4. this model I think does not have the ability to work without a PC. You could try buying a print server and plugging it in to that. But to be honest you can but a full network ready printer these days for the same cost.
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    If you don't want to share it from a PC, you need to get a USB to eithernet print server, which run about $30+. That will only get you basic printing functions though, not scanning.

    To use network scanning you need to get a model with built-in network capability.

    I don't think you can share a scanner over the network like a local printer either, so if you share that system off a PC, you don't need to get a print server, but you won't be able to scan to it either way.
  6. Thanks everyone for the help
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