Stupid DVD-ROM!

I am starting to really get pissed at my computer DVD player: A year ago, it was working ok, except for one DVD that I could not read very well, now I seem to not be able to read any DVDs (but I can read CDs!). Whenever I put a DVD in the player it just keeps seeking without any result and I can't seem to figure out why (been on this problem for a year now!). Here's what's weird too, the IDE light for my HD ALSO lights up when it's seeking, it really makes no sense. I tried all types of drivers imaginable, scoured the internet for any hint of what's the problem, can't find anything related to the hardware.

So here's my hardware:
A7A266 mobo (Like that crappy mobo is a big help! But once again, did not find any issues directly related to this mobo on the internet)
Creative 12X DVD-ROM (Not a bad drive, at least)
Running WinXP (but tried it with win2000 also)

The rest of the hardware is pretty irrelevent...

Also, I tried switching primary and secondary IDE to no avail.

This is a last ditch effort to get this thing working before I just rip it out and throw it out the window to a joyful explosion of scrap metal and just buy a REAL DVD player for the TV (which is pretty frustrating cause it would be the same price that I payed my Decoder Card and Drive a year ago)

If you guys have any insight on what I should try before giving up, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Have you tried to clean the laser lens of your DVD drive?

    I did an experiment by inserting a heavily scratched disc (which should be unreadable by most drives) and IDE light of HDD also lights up when it's seeking, just like yours. I guess it's normal as the OS is still running the task of disc seeking.
  2. Thanks for the tip elzt, what is the best way to go about cleaning the lens? What do I have to purchase?

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  3. There is cleaning kit (contains a cleaning disc) specially designed for DVD players and DVD drives available in many AV electronic and computer stores.
  4. well it may not necessarily be your lens, i had that same problem and i narrowed it down to a power supply problem, it only effected my cd rom and none of the other devices, if possible get your hands on a volt tester for computers and test your power supply, have you tried setting your cd rom to primary slave instead of secondary master. if thats what you have it on. You never know, try it. keep me posted on the progress
  5. I too had exactly the same problem with my pioneer 106S.

    One day it just refused outright to even recognise DVD's. It just kept seeking and reseeking. CD's were unaffected.

    I tried a CD clean with no sucess, and my PSU was big and fine, so the only conclusion was that the drive was dead.

    Soon after i got a new case and new optical drives to go in it... so it died at just the right time LOL.

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  6. I know it's not the power supply cause I had this problem on two different cases. I'll just get a cleaning kit and if that doesn't work, I'll buy a REAL DVD player. What a ripoff, you spend a good amount of money for a DVD Drive and in 2 months it starts to act up, then a year later it dies. I smell a conspiracy theory that makes DVD-Drives die after their 1 year warranty expires ;)

    Anyway, thanks for the tips guys.

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  7. heh probably.
    my pioneer died after 1 year and 1 month LOL

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