New motherboard, cpu and ram yet having issues with fresh install

Hey guys (sorry if this is in the wrong place)

I really need some help in the tech department because I have no real knowledge when it comes to software issues.

Basically I had started building a new pc with parts of my brothers old computer. His motherboard, cpu and ram. As things
progressed I found out the board wouldnt support Crossfire so I upgraded it to an Asus sabertooth 990fx after looking into
cpu replacements a bit more I wasnt happy to go to an AMD FX chip and decided to exchange the motherboard and switch to Intel.

The pc as is has had a few installs of windows 7 now, its running an Asus sabertooth z77, Intel 3570k cpu, 16gb corsair (4x4gb ram), WD 500gb hdd, corsair tx-750 and 2x asus HD7770.

Ive just put the pc back together with the new motherboard cpu and ram and basically after got drivers and updates installed. Ive installed Borderlands Goty and copied a couple of save files off of a thumb drive. As soon as I tried to load into the game at all it blue screened. This happened a few times so ive since uninstalled it and attempted to reinstall it but for some reason the pc itself was loading and detecting a cd really slowly...

Now im stuck... my thoughts are because Ive had a few installs of windows over the duration of replacing hardware and I wasnt able to format the hdd (so the old windows files are still there)... Im guessing that something is screwing up there.. but I honestly dont know...

Ive done a memory test which came back fine...

will replacing the Hdd and starting again remove any chance of it being a software issue?
also is it possible its something else extremely simple that im missing?

thanks for any help/advice you can give

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  1. why didnt you format the hard drive?

    always best to do so during setup
  2. for some reason when I was trying to format the hdd through the windows installer it just wouldnt allow me to format due to windows folders being present or something.... I'm honestly not entirely sure what the issue was
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