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Recently, when running windows 7, the entire system will completely lock up after a few hours of use. This has happened the last 3/6 times I have been in windows. Whenever I am in other, non windows systems, this lockup does not occur, from what I can tell. What happens is the entire screen will freeze, it won't respond any type of input, and whatever sound that was playing at the time will start repeating at a rather fast rate. This is a relatively freshly built system, with no other problems from what I can see. I have been monitoring all of the temps each time it has happened, and they all have appeared normal and within regular limits at the time.Does anyone have an idea on what might be causing this? (I have checked the system and application logs, but nothing out of the ordinary has shown up there either)
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  1. Most of the lockups I have had started with bad or not properly installed ram. Or also coming out of sleep/hibernate.
  2. This has occurred while I have been using the computer all but one time. I also just ran memtest86+ through three passes and everything came out fine with no errors. I just checked, and all dimms appear to be in place properly.
  3. Prior to this problems beginning, had you done any driver updates or updated the bios?
  4. No, not to my memory. I know my bios did not update, and I didn't intentionally try to update any drivers.
  5. If you are using windows update and the settings are wrong and it just automatically, then you may not have known.
  6. I have the update actually turned off. I manually turn it on and off depending on the updates available, so I am thinking that wouldn't be a cause for it.
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