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Is MS Essential enough to be secure or do you need a 3th party software like Eset or Kaspersky? I know that MS Essential does only once a day update but i wonder if the pay software is really that much better.
For some years i used Linux and software wasn't necessary. On Windows on the other hand you do need protection.
What would be recommended?
Or if i ask differently. Do i get a better protection?
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  1. I used to use a lot of different programs in the past (avira, avast, etc.). I'm using the one from MS since two years on every PC and am happy with it. Never had a virus (never had one before, though) or anything alike. Seems to be fine with gaming (no ping/lag issues), too.

    And it's free. ;)

    Btw, a huge chunk of protection comes from awareness/carefulness and a good ad blocker.
  2. Gdata,Norton 2012.
  3. Hi :)

    I fix viruses EVERY day in my computer shops...around 300 plus a year (customers machines)

    Best PAID ...Norton Internet Security 2012 score 99/100

    Best FREE ... Microsoft Security Essentials ... my score 60/100

    All the best Brett :)
  4. I agree the Norton 2012 lineup is real good,i'm using NIS on this machine.
  5. I have to agree with 'whatsthatnoise' ive been using MS security essentials for real-time protection on a few machines for a couple of years now and never had issues.

    It doesnt hurt to have something like Malwarebytes free scanner tool too, to just sweep your system weekly. I have personally found it to be fantastic.

    Ultimately though its dependent on what kind of internet sites your surfing, ad-block plus and web of trust are handy browser add-ins that will help you out if unsure.
  6. I use adblock plus and ghostery with Firefox.
  7. Your welcome.
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