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Problem connecting Wifi to Laptop

December 18, 2012 8:17:20 AM

I have a problem connecting my Samsung series 7 Slate (running windows 7 professional) to different wifi connections. What it is doing is for example, If I start clean with no wireless networks saved, and I go to my school's wifi network, I am able to login and all is fine, and i can set the wireless network location (called to a public network.

But when I go home, or go to my friends house and use their wifi and try to get on their wifi, and it "seems" to connect, (says i have internet access) but when I try to get on the internet, its sluggish/unresponsive. I then go look under the network and sharing center, and It still says that I'm still using the wireless network location "", even though I am on my friends/my wifi connection. No matter if I try to manually setup the connection, it still resorts to using that network location (

I don't know if that is the root of the problem, but it sometimes actually uses the right wireless location, for example if i jump on my wifi network, It goes and connects and then ask/shows me that I'm using my network location, and then i can set it to a home network. but the majority of the time It just chooses the "" network location, even if I deleted all the network locations. I just can't figure out the problem, I know all the wifi routers work because all my friends laptops are able to connect and use it without any issues.

Any help?