Win98 not connecting wirelessly

hi guys, recently i bought a dell dimension xps-7600 running windows 98SE. I also bought the Addon GWP110V3 wireless adapter compatible with windows 98 and onwards. After you plugged the network card in and installed the drivers, a box should automatically come up with the wireless networks available. It didn't come up. So i clicked the shortcut on the desktop and opens but before i can do anything, it closes. not allowing me to do anything. :fou: Please help!! :(
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  1. have tried downloading the latest version?

    also you might be able to change over to windows controlling the wireless under the properties for the network card. I believe you should see a second tab
  2. Hi, I can't find the properties for the network card in device manager. I don't know where the properties could be. I've tried re-installing the drivers but still no luck. Also, when the mouse is hovered over the icon on the task bar, it says no network card is installed.

    Many thanks,
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