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Has anyone got one of these computers? I am thinking about getting one for my mom and this way if anything happens to it in 3 years she can take it back. I know about the vid cards at best buy but you can't get a new $350.00 card for $129.00 it seems to me to be a mistake. I live in to south and best buy is everywhere here and I have had nothing but good experiences shoping there. But I would like to know about the VPR Matrix.

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  1. I work @ bestbuy in the tech section, and other than the fact that the VPR ONLY comes W/ INHELL inside, they're Pretty Sweet machines! MAKE SURE YOU GET A PSP! it's worth the 3 year protection... I have seen so many angry customers because the warranty ran out... Some BBY's are starting in-store warranty repair soon too... I say go for it. Some stores are awesome, some suck. If you have an awesome one, you should be fine.
  2. If but GET THE EXPENDED INSURANCE PLAN!!!! If not you might be like me, the took the unit out of their system and say they can on longer help do to that fact. This the Geek Squad, I have a series FT-6100 Series and need a restore CD. They sent me to this sight but they have no listing for help in this matter. In addition Best Buy gave me no phone contact number . I THOUGHT as listed Best Buy still makes computers for thm, why can not supply me with a phone number to custmor service? AGAIN "GET" expend warr because they have to help then. No help from the Greek Squad at all.
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