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I have the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum and the Cambridege Soundworks DTT2500 5.1 Digitial speaker system. Recently the stand alone ampilifer much to my disappointment burned out on the set and it's also the Dolby Digital decoder.

I'm looking to get new speakers and the Creative MegaWorks THX 5.1 550 caught my eye. I noticed that the amplifier was built into the subwoofer (seems to be a common design these days) and that creative offers a seperate Creative DDTS-100 Decoder.

My concern is that in 3-5 years the decoder is going to burn out again like the DTT2500. I use the computer massively for gaming, music, work, etc. So I need something that can stand up to being on 6-10hrs a day.

Does anyone know if the Creative DDTS-100 Decoder generates a lot of heat or is it just a pass through system and the subwoofer/amplify do all the work and suffer all the heat?
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  1. Something else, the Logitech z-680's are badass, and they also have a built in decoder. Not to mention inputs for analog, TOSlink, and digital coax.

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