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Windows XP network query

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April 3, 2002 11:49:20 PM

Here's my problem:
Running windows XP, I find myself unable to do anything network/internet related other than use a browser. This includes file sharing programs, games, etc. etc.

The situation is:
My computer hooked up to a win98se box running ICS with a cable modem behind it. Everything was working fine until a couple weeks ago. When I boot into windows 98 or Linux on my machine, everything works fine.

Any ideas?

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April 4, 2002 5:56:18 AM

well in a home network with a broadband then i would strongly recommend that most PC's, especially the one connected to the cable modem use XP or Win2k.

i have 2 PC's running XP and a G4 Mac running OSX sharing a cable modem and it runs fine, a 3rd PC running W98SE can use the WWW, Internet and LAN games thru TCP/IP but has difficulties sharing printers or files. I just think W98 isn't great with regard to networking....

I'm suprised that your XP machine can't see games on your network? as that should be using TCP/IP in a similar way as your browser.