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I have a current wireless network with a linksys WRT160n router. My internet is an AT&T DSL modem. I configured my wireless network about 3 years ago on my old desktop (Win XP). I have 4 laptops now that I use (3 with Win 7 & 1 with Win 8). I think my router is dying. I bought a new Netgear N900 router today and and need to know the best way to "can" the old wireless network and start fresh with my new router & create a new network. Can you please give me step by step instructions on how to totally get rid of current network and start over? I NEVER use the old desktop so can I set up new wireless network through laptop (connected with cable)?
Will I need to remove old current network from all laptops after this?

Help please?
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  1. Once you disconnect the old network all you have to do is to go into each computer and delete the current network. You would then set the new network up with the Windows 8 computer and using a usb stick make an install program that you will use on the other 3 computers. Since the other three computers are not Windows 8 you have to make an install copy of what you need to run on all three.
  2. Thanks inzone. I appreciate the help.
    This is new to me so I apologize if these are dumb questions.
    How do I make an install program on my USB?
    Would it be easier to set new network up with one of the Win 7 laptops?

    Thanks again...
  3. I think I found it. Is this how to do it?
  4. Yes you can follow the steps on that web page and it's basicly what I was refering to in my other post. When you have computers with different OS on them you need to set up the network on the newest OS and then make a disc or in this case a usb stick and run it on the other computers so that they all have the same settings.
    If all the computers had the same OS then you wouldn't have to do that and you could just go to each computer and run the join the network option.
  5. Great..... inzone I really appreciate your help and your quick response.
    I will try in the next couple of days and if I have any issues I will definitely get back with you.

    Thanks a million.
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