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Hey everyone,

I just purchased an SB6121 Modem and a Medialink Wireless N router and switched my service to Comcast. But for some reason my Wireless signal is pretty weak throughout the house. It was stronger before the the modem/router combo that att provided me with. The Medialink router was one of the top rated on Amazon so I don't understand why the signal would be weaker than before. I have already tried changing the frequency as well as updating the firmware, it helped some but the signal still isn't strong. Any suggestions?

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  1. This is the problem with wireless equipment and why you can only trust reviews so far. The vast majority of routers transmit at the maximum legal power. The main difference being the antenna layout in the unit. How well they work is a combination of the unit and a persons house. The house being much more important. This is why you will see some people saying how well a router works and other saying how bad the signal is. Their houses are different.

    I have not seen this router before but there are lots on the market. The only option I could see that may help is if it has the ability to change the transmit power and the default is not set to maximum. Since this router does not have external antenna you can't use the common trick of putting larger antenna on. Really you only option is to try to see if moving the router around the room or in another room makes a difference.
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    Did some more looking since I never heard about this brand. Seems you can only get them from amazon and ebay. It is also mighty suspicious that this router has more total reviews than some of the larger brands complete line of routers. The scary part is many people rating it a 1 have the same issue you do.

    I would always check reviews on multiple sites that sell the same product.

    I would return this router if you can
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