I cannot ping my access point through my lan

I am having a small network environment for office. i am using one firewall and one access point.Access point is wireless router . when i connect my laptop through WiFi then i am able to ping my local LAN but my local LAN cannot ping the access point. my LAN Ip is 192.x.x.x/24.
please tell me
thanks in Advance
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  1. does the LAN IP scheme match that of the AP's IP?
  2. yes. my access point lan ip is same as lan.
  3. No i didn't get any answer .
  4. do you know the IP of the AP?
  5. yes i know the ip of AP.
  6. does the AP have the same IP scheme than the router, ex.192.168.1.xxx?

    Is the AP connected via WAN or LAN port?
  7. AP is connected through LAN. AP is not taking the same IP scheme. If i am giving same IP scheme then it is showing error like WAN ip can't be covered by LAN.
  8. Emerald said:

    thanks for to provide me support . but now i am not using access point . If further we will use AP and any issue will be arise then i will send a message.
    Thank you again !!!
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