connectivity troubles with USB wireless adapter

Hey guys,

Just bought a new desktop computer to use in my room (upstairs) at home.
There is a Linksys G router downstairs hooked up next to my Dad's computer.
I have a USB wireless N adapter as my means of connecting to the wireless network.

At the best of times I can get a perfectly good connection, with full bars and a download speed of about 6.5 mbps.
This is definitely good enough for my needs (mostly gaming). However, the connectivity varies a lot, and most of the time I only have 2-3 bars and my connection download speed is less than 1.0 mbps (making gaming basically impossible). From time to time I lose the connection altogether.

I figure this is because my room (where my computer and USB adapter are) is roughly 50 FT away from where the router is, which if I am not mistaken is around the range limit for a G router.

So is my best bet to buy a N router (which has better range than G router I think?), or get a range extender, or do you think it could be something else entirely? I have tested the wireless connection speed in other areas of my house closer to the router and they always seem to be around 6 mbps...

Appreciate any help, thanks!!!
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