Is a 160W mATX psu enough for this config??

Hello all!

The parts:
XP tbred 1700
256 ddr
5400 rpm 40gb harddisk
LG dvd-rom
gef4 4200 128 mb.

The case and PSU:
Yeong Yang A102

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  1. Why?

    Is a 200W mATX enough?

    The MB is an ECS mATX.
  2. If you end up with crashing and rebooting, which is likely at least you'll know why.
  3. And this???

    For a better config it was enough, a 200W PSU. It has to be enough, even though the 160W is not. I hope.
  4. More likely, if you end up blowing your PSU, CPU, Mobo, Graphics card and everything else in your case go ahead. Its a great risk and I think you would be better off simply buying a cheap new PSU.

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  5. With that CPU and videocard I would go for atleast 250W, preferably 300-350W.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  6. I agree. I would also go for 300-350 Watt PSU.
  7. Did you see the link??? 200W pfc mATX Shuttle worked with:

    1gb ddr
    2,4 p4
    G4 Ti4600

    I see now, that I need the 200W pfc mATX.

    Unforunatelly, I can't get an Enlight case, which is mATX and with 300W psu... Sigh
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  8. Well that is one heck of an underrated PSU because that setup sure draws around the 300W at full use.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  9. That PSU is designed to be small and compact, so theyve put a lot of emphasis on making it very powerful for its size. A normal (AT or ATX size) 200 watt PSU would be unlikely to run that setup, and would probably start smoking when turned on.

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  10. Your setup may not work with the SFX 200W SFX12V
    Active PFC. When sizing a power supply you look at the total power (200W) as well as the power on each rail of the power supply(3.3V->17A, 5V->18A, 12V->10A). Your 12V rail of the power supply only gives you 10A. I calculate that you may need about 10.13A. So you are borderline. That assumes 100% max power required. If you assume 80% of components and 100% of CPU then you need 9.35A on the 12V rail. That means you make it. It all depends on what assumptions you use for calculating your worst case scenario. Some people size their powersupply based on 120% of max.

    My calculations are based on the following assumptions:
    Motherboard 0.3A
    System Fan 0.25A
    Processor Fan 0.25A
    IDE Hard Drive 2A
    DVD ROM 1.1A
    XP1700+ 6.23A

    You have to verify the data for your specific equipment.

    Most people around here don't cut their system that short on the power supply. You don't want your PS to be the cause of instability. Also you don't have room to expand in the future.

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