I have NetGear & the jacks on the back only have telephone jack made slots..& my internet is with xfinity & that box has only 3 slots...none of which are like the telephone jack slots on the NetGear...How will I be able to connect to my wireless if its only plugged into the power source?..Or do I have the wrong type of wireless router?
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  1. On the back of the router you have a set of what looks like telephone jacks but if you look closely you will notice that they are larger than regular telephone jacks and that's because they are RJ45 jacks and those are for cat 6 cables. Your Netgear router should have come with a cat 6 cable for you to connect the router to the modem. The modem will also come with a cat 6 cable to connect it to the router but you only need one of these cables. If you look at the back of the modem you should have a single RJ45 jack for the cat 6 cable and if the moidem is brand new it may have a sticker covering the jack opening.
    When the tech came to install your modem he must have left the cables you need to connect the modem to your computer and if he connected the modem to your computer then you can take that cable and connect it to the router and take the cable that came with the router and connect the router to the computer unless your going to use wireless. You may also notice that your computer has a RJ45 jack for connecting a cat 6 cable.
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