How do you get out of safe mode if you cant log in?

I have a HP laptop running with windows 7 and i recently accidentally set the system to safe mode and when i restarted the computer the lots of file names started running down the screen and when i went to log in it said that my username or password was wrong so i retyped them a few more times but still the same thing happens!!!! When i tried to restart my computer and change to start in normal mode it went straight to safe mode. So i can't get into the system and change the settings :( please help me it has all of my assignments on it!!!!! :O
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  1. Carry on into Safe Mode then press the Windows key and R together to bring up teh Run open box. In there, type msconfig and press Enter. Under the BOOT.INI tab. remove the tick from /SAFEBOOT, click on Apply and OK your way out.

    Your restart should offer you Normal Mode but may still ask if you want to boot into Safe.

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  3. Hold down f8 while booting the computer and then choose to start windows normally.
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