Wireless Network settings conflict

I have a Belkin N Wireless Router Model F5D8236, which has served my laptop with wireless and my wifes desktop computer through a ethernet cable for the last year. Recently we had to move her computer to another room so I got a Usb Wireless adapter. Now when I try to connect her desktop to the network it says the settings do not match, or when prompeted for the PSK, it says its wrong, even though I'm dead sure I put it in right.
I've tried transferring a copy of the settings with a flash drive, I tried resetting the router a dozen times, and all the wp2 settings.
The USB adapter works, because when I turn the security feature off on the router, suddenly it can connect to the network.
Not sure what to do anymore, I cant run a cable all the way across my house for a hard connection, I'm thinking I may have to get a different USB Adapter?
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  1. What kind of adapter is it exactly?
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