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I have a question regarding Windows Remote Desktop. I currently have a setup on my BT Infinity router where I can remote desktop from work to my Windows 7 computer at home. I have got a new Windows 8 laptop and added it to the networks. My question is how when I remote desktop to Home will it know which computer to connect to.
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  1. use different external ports
  2. Emerald said:
    use different external ports

    Emerald, thanks for your reply not sure what you mean by external ports, both laptops are connected to the BT router via a LAb cable.

    Thnaks for your help
  3. if you have multiple computers behind the router, you can use port forwarding.


    external port 8101 -> internal port 3389 for computer1 IP
    external port 8102 -> internal port 3389 for computer2 IP

    then in remote desktop you enter: externalIP:8101 to reach computer1, or externalIP:8102 to reach computer2

    I like to use external ports above 8100 since there are some important port below that like 8080, 3389, 5801, 5901 that some softwares like to use
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