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After not using my computer for a week due to illness I've turned it on to discover that it cannot connect to the wifi network that has been working fine for the last few months. The network is shared and I don't personally have access to the router, and the network administrator is away at the moment so I can only attempt solutions at my end.

It seems it might be an IP configuration issue. Network diagnostics gave me the error message "Wireless Network Connection 4 doesn't have a valid IP configuration", as well as one or two other IP-themed error messages.

My computer thinks it's connected. It says I'm connected to the network and that I have internet access, but there's no actual connectivity.

Finally, weirdly, I did seem to manage to connect briefly at one point. It took about three minutes to load the Google homepage and then dropped again. I have no idea what the significance if any of that is.

I know the following for sure:

- the wifi network does work; I'm using it on my laptop right now
- the network adapter on my computer also works, it can connect to the wifi hotspot on my phone

I've attempted the following obvious solutions and ones I found online already, all without success:

- reset the wireless network adapter
- run windows network diagnostics
- reinstall the wireless network adapter drivers
- system restore to a point before the problem arose
- ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew from the command line
- netsh winsock reset catalog and netsh int ip reset reset.log from the command line

I'd really appreciate if anyone has a solution to this very frustrating problem. Thanks!
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  1. the network signal might be to weak for the computer to properly communicate to the router to get a valid IP.
  2. The network signal isn't great but it's been good enough in the past so I don't see why that should be the issue.
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