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i cant delete a file that i download. i started with the usual right click and delete when i figured out i was done with the game. it gave me the cant delete cause this is open in another program or whatever. then i scour my task manager for anything. nothing it could possibly be open in. then i go to add or remove programs in my control panel and look for the name of the file it's not there either. then i resort to using cmd. i find the file try to delete the whole thing try to delete single files at a time. cant get anything to the trash with out the same being used in another program error. (im using the del cmd command if you are going to suggest cmd commands). at this point im pissed of and i give up. now its a few weeks later and while im doing something i see the name of the file is in what looks like a whole drive. when i pull up the lists of drives i have the usual c and d but then there is also it says it is in my dvd (f) and bd rom (d) drives. i have tryed ejecting both drives that say the files name and they eject fone but file still doest delete. i have since deleted magic disk to make sure its not running in that and it still sticks around.... PLEASE HELP
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  1. thank you, i forgot to mention that i have tried unlocker, doesnt work
  2. file assassin?
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    This is the same guy who posted earlier, and hes trying to delete pirated ISOs, he said so in his earlier post and went on to bitch about people who call him out for being a thief. Thief. Buy the software.
  4. yep pirates especially noob pirates like this guy never know when to quit

    hey ADHDPIMP here is the first step to help you get the software you are looking for ;)
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