How to make your computer speakers really loud

volume on speakers are very low on pc, how can I make them louder? all volume settings are at maximum settings.
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  1. are you sure you connected the speakers to the right output on the sound card?
  2. Hello,

    You could also try using VLC media player - it allows you to output the sound over 100%.
  3. My hearing is bad so I've fought this for years. The AC3 filter is the best remedy I know of. You might also try using over the ear headset. You'll never go back to speakers.
  4. Are these external speakers? Did you check to see if they were on or volume is up on them? If they are, get new speakers, although even cheaper speakers can run farily loud.
  5. There are multiple volume controls, one for windows, sometimes one for your audio driver, sometimes a volume adapter on the speaker itself; if you haven't checked them all do that first.

    And like Emerald said, make sure you're plugged in the right port, as if your on a rear/side/subwoofer channel, you'll get really weak audio. Usually the 'right' port for a two speaker setup is green. Also make sure the plug is all the way in, as you can get faint sound when you don't have good contact.

    Make sure you have external power supplied to the speakers, they can make some very quiet noise without it (sometimes).
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