Connectng a Repeater to an access point (router in bridge mode)

Just bought a new router and repeater for a wifi hotspot i am currently running.. I thought i was havng problems with the repeater after i change from router to a server, (and i'm now using a router in bridge mode) so the server is managing all the dhcp.. etc, Hence, the router is Running as an access point. The server which is a Hotspot Server does the rest. For some reason, repeaters, do connect to the access point apparently, but when connecting the client to the repeater (instead of access point) I can't get internet access. although i do get access to the repeater setup.and access point setup too.. Any Idea what i'm doing wrong? or if that is the fact that repeaters must be connected to a router, not access point? thanks in advance. or should I use it as a WDS? or AP-wds? I have a Cisco Lynksys e1200 router (which i'm using as access point) and an Encore ENXWI-1AN45 3 in one range extender
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  1. What kind of distance are you trying to cover , the fewer the connections the better.
  2. I do not know exactly, my main router cover preetty much a lot, however, can't cover all. . I do not know if you are familiar with Grase Hotspot. I did couple of testing, and it looks like the problem resides on the hotspot server setup. because I did some testing with same configuration Router in bridge mode/ or DhCP disabled(acting as access point) connected to the server. repeater connected to router acting as access point. on the linux server.. I get the problem connecting which basically I get the ip address from the server. I can access setup utiility on router and repeater. but i can't access the server, and i can't access the internet.. i tried using ping and it says destination host unreachable. Then I tried the same configuration but instead of access point connected to the server, I connected it to a wired router i have, and i can access the internet with no problem. I would say distance to cover would probably be about 600m? or 600 ft?.. i know that using the router alone can't cover all ineed, but the repeater might do it. HOwever, i am now testing the conection before trying for distance.
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