Want speakers? DON'T buy Altec 5100s!

OK. I wanted some speakers I could take to university with me. Some speakers that were small and stylish and could play surround from DVDs but also play music at good quality.

I bought Altec Lansing's 5100s. They look good and sound ok, though with a little too much bass and not enough midrange for my tastes... but that can be adjusted.

Problem was, sometimes when the volume was adjusted with the remote, the sound would cut out unexplainedly and could only be got back with repeated button pushing/volume control adjusting/turning off and on. Well, this didn't happen too often, so I suppose I could live with it.

Two weeks later, the speakers failed to work totally for no reason what-so-ever... having worked just a few hours before (the fuse was fine, by the way :) ).

So I sent them back, got a refund..... and bought some more (though from a different sellor this time). OK, maybe a little stupid, I know, but it could have been a faulty set and I really did quite like the way they looked.

Same problems and now they've just stopped working again....

Anyone else have these problems? Know what I'm doing wrong.if there's a solution/if this is common with Altec's stuff?

Suggest any other 5.1/6.1/7.1 speakers for me (that go well with a Game Theatre XP 6.1)?
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  1. I have the old ATP3 speakers from them. They sound great, and liquidators sell them for less than $40 a set because they're an old model. Been using mine for 3 years.

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  2. Im a proud owner of a Creative Inspire 5700 series 5.1 sound systom.This setup is awsome.I have it in my family room right now,and it sounds better than some home ones ive heard.The satilites are small,,but dont let that fool you..It rocks.........
  3. I'll Stick with my Klipsch Promedia 2.1's

    they rock

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  4. I have an old set of the altec ada-880's...I havent found a reason to get rid of these yet :smile:
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