Wireless printing using hardwired modem AND wireless router

Hi all,

I have been a long time reader of this forum, and it helped me lots of times solving computer related issues. So thanks for that :)
However, for the first time in over a decade I cant find a proper answer to my issue anywhere, therefore my first post...

I'm pretty good with computers, (learned everything through fora, manuals, etcetera). Although networking has never been one of my strong points. Recently though I moved to a much bigger appartment, so I just bumped into some trouble concerning specifically networking.

The situation is as follows:

I have a Cisco EPC3925 wireless modem/router (from Ziggo, a Dutch cable company) which I use for internet. The wireless signal is sadly a tad to weak for my house. So I linked it to my Cisco E2000 router for wireless strenght sake. This solved my issues with range, and I get good to fair reception everywhere in the house and on the balcony. However, my desktop pc is still connected to the Cisco EPC3925, because I noticed a significant drop in download speed when changing the "hardwired dektop<->modem" connection to a "hardwired desktop<-> router<->modem" connection (from 60 mb/s to 45-50 mb/s).

The issue is that I have a wireless Epson BX525WD printer, which is at the moment wirelessly connected to the E2000 router. This means that me and my girlfriend can use both our laptops to print, we can use our phones to print, in fact anything that is able to send a print, but there is no way I can get my hardwired desktop to do so. Extra issue is, if I connect the printer wired to the modem, it can not use the wireless functionality anymore, so than printing with laptops etc is impossible.

So summarizing;
how on earth do I get my desktop pc, directly connected to a modem, to print to a wireless printer connected to a wifi router, when modem and router are interlinked.

And if this is not possible at all, why is the drop in download speed that high when connecting my pc to the router instead of the modem. I did expected a 5% drop at maximum, but this is almost 25%!!! And if that would not be the case, I would not have this issue in the first place, and just hooked up my desktop to the E2000 directly :) So if there's a solution to that, i'd be happy as well :) .


Greetz Thomas

Ps. If this is the wrong category, sorry for that, I couldn't find a printer related one.
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    is the E2000 connected to the main router via WAN port?

    if so, change the router setting so that the E2000 only acts as a AP (Access Point)
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  3. Emerald,

    thanks for your reply, AP was the key in this case. Did not know you could completely ignore routers and just use them as "sort of range extenders" for a modem. Even for network printers.

    Thanks a bunch,

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