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Hello, I just built my computer with an AsRock z77 Extreme4 mobo and am using a CM HAF 912 case.

When I plug in my analog headphones into the front panel audio jack, I get no sound, however the jack on the back works perfectly.

In the front jack, I don't get any sort of indication that anything is plugged in either.

I've done quite a bit of googling and found that the best way to solve this problem is to go into the realtek audio manager and enable the front panel audio detection. To do this one must click a folder symbol next to the word "analog" in the top toolbar. However, I don't have this option in my software. I've actually reinstalled the driver a couple times (from asrock's website) and I can't access these settings. Here's what my screen looks like -
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  1. Whoops. As embarassing as it is, it turns out the HD audio connected was not pushed in all the way in my motherboard. Good thing I checked. And just for the info, that fixed my Realtek audio screen too.
  2. Congrats :) That was going to be my first suggestion!
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