Windows 7 home premium and ultimate are the motherboards the same

Home Premium vs Professional or Ultimate. Are the motherboards the same?
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  1. Those are operating systems, not motherboards. I think you're confused.
  2. Are you talking about computers that come with either the option of Home premium or Ultimate?
    If the model is the same, the motherboards will be the same.
    Home Premium and Ultimate are just different flavors of the same operating system.
  3. Home premium allows you to have a computer with a max of 16GB of RAM.

    Professional and above allows more than that. There's pretty much no reason to go anything other than Home Premium unless you need 32GB of ram or more in your computer.

    Ultimate has some extra features like bitlocker - but almost nobody would use that (talking about regular computer users).

    I would go with Home Premium if I were you, it's cheaper than ultimate.
  4. willard said:
    Those are operating systems, not motherboards. I think you're confused.

    Confused is the right word. What I am shooting for is to purchase an empty hard drive and install Professional or Ultimate on it. Will the same computer run Professional or Ultimate?
  5. Yes you can install any Operating system on any hard drive.

    Why do you want professional or Ultimate? Windows Pro allows you to join a domain - do you need that?

    Ultimate has everything professional has plus a few extra - like all the language packs - do you need all the languages packs that comes with ultimate?

    Are you planning on building a whole new computer? Or is this just for an existing one?
  6. Hi Southman

    You did not mention whether you were going for 32bit or 64bit versions of Windows 7 which is probably more important than Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate

    If you have more than 3 or 4 GB of RAM in your PC you need the 64bit version

    Just occasionally the 32bit version works when the 64bit does not. (On old PC's CPU may not support 64bit version)


    Mike Barnes
  7. There is no case to be made for using 32 bit. 64 bit is the correct version to use. If you're using a fifteen year old printer that doesn't have 64 bit drivers, it's time to buy a new printer.
  8. Thank you, Something knocked out my security Panda 2012 and became the Adinistrator now I can't get into many of my file due to the Lock. Factory recovery doesn't change a thing. I have never been denied access from my own computer. I followed threads of the same situation and the results are the same. The computer gets smart and acts like a 2 yr old. Staples wants 150.00 to make things right. So I figure buy a new blank hard drive and reinstall the ? flavor? Operating System? Premium, Professional. I figured Professional so I can run some expensive programs I lost with the upgrade from XP. Anyhow, that's my delima and hopfull cure. Do you think this would work? Or shell out 150.00
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