Help with a new computer and windows?

If have windows 7 on the computer i have right now, do i have to buy it for a computer i want to build? Or can i transfer it onto that computer from the one i'm using now? I have a cord that will transfer all of my hard drive files onto a new computer. Im just wondering if it'll transfer windows 7
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  1. Hi :)

    NO you cannot...its illegal...

    ONE machine...ONE copy of 7...

    TWO machines... TWO copies of 7...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Is the computer you are using a prebuilt ie Dell, HP, or is it custom built? Or Do you have a retail copy of windows or an OEM license?

  3. Depends - if it's not OEM version AND you are NOT going to use the original computer then YES - you may need to contact microsoft for new product key.

    HOWEVER, if you want to use BOTH pc's then as Brett928S2 said, absolutely NO.
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