Using Win 7 Evaluation Copy, Build 7100-showing a warning

well, i am using Windows 7 Evaluation copy, Build 7100 for the last few months.
well, by day before ysterday, it shows a warning after loading desktop.that, there is only 10days left to finish my licence, and to backup al datas.

also, i am not able to see the Desktop Notes now. that was really usfull to me.frm where i can retrieve?

how can i solve this problems??

hardly waiting
yours lovingly
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  1. Only way to solve the problem is to install full Win7. Can't help you with the notes I'm afraid.
  2. We've known for months that the evaluation copies of Windows 7 were going to start losing functionality in March. It's never sensible to ignore the inevitable. Don't be a cheapskate - buy the thing now.

    No idea what you mean by Desktop Notes.
  3. Desktop notes? or Sticky Notes?
    Can you start Win 7 Sticky Notes going through Start, typing Sticky Notes in the search bar?

    Also, you'll need to do a clean Win 7 RTM (final retail version) installation. You can't do an inplace upgrade from RC (eval copy) to RTM.
  4. Dear WR2, 'thanking you for oyur wise reply. an alo, i have solved the note pad ptoblm,
    i was got mistaken the Sticky pad as Note pad ;)
    i am sorry for that, and let me try to to install a clean RTM soon

    if then, i need a little more help, that,
    how can i backup my most precious datas from Favorites in IE 7 and from Firefox ?? last time i have done by going on the on the stting of backups. but after that, that was not proper to retriev my datas.


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    For Firefox you want to back up your Firefox profile:

    For IE you probably want to use a program like BackRex Internet Explorer. It allows you to backup favorites, history, proxy settings, fonts, dialup accounts, autocomplete passwords and cookies.
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  7. dear,
    great informations, thanking you very much
    well, could u suggest few apps like BackRex Internet Explorer please?

  8. MozBackup to back up Firefox.
  9. Mobileman,

    While most people who tested Windows 7 have now moved to the final version, some are still running the Release Candidate. If you haven’t moved yet, it’s time to replace the RC. Starting on March 1, 2010 your PC will begin shutting down every two hours. Your work will not be saved during the shutdown. The Windows 7 RC will fully expire on June 1, 2010. Your PC running the Windows 7 RC will continue shutting down every two hours and your files won’t be saved during shutdown. In addition, your wallpaper will change to a solid black background with a persistent message on your desktop. You’ll also get periodic notifications that Windows isn’t genuine. That means your PC may no longer be able to obtain optional updates or downloads requiring genuine Windows validation. To avoid interruption, please reinstall a prior version of Windows or move to Windows 7. In either case, you’ll need to do a custom (clean) install to replace the RC. As with any clean installation, you’ll need to back up your data then reinstall your applications and restore the data. For more details about replacing the RC, see the Knowledge Base article KB 971767 available here: . For more information, visit the Window 7 Forum available at the following link: . Thanks again for helping us test Windows 7.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  10. If you have a backup solution with enough space, you can just back up your entire User folder... that will contain all your data (documents, pictures, email, etc.). Of course, if you've save anything outside of those folders, then that doesn't get backed up.
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