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sorry this was put in another forum but no one could help i suppose i should have come to the pros first :)

ive just bought another 512mb stick of RAM and a usb2 port ever since then while playing soldier of fortune 2 it just drops back into windows. i have also installed the latest nvidia drivers and the the new direct x. i used to get the error once in a while ever since then but now im wondering what could be the problem
i have removed the usbport but still get the error the ram is seen by the computer and i think i have enough power to run just a bit unsure :P
its 2100 184pin DDR and the board was alrite with the first stick of ram so i dont see a problem
but moving the ram didnt work so the only thing i could think of was...
last time i had this prob, when i first got my new comp i had to up^ the dimm voltage control this is supposed to be in the bios control but on my board it is on the actual board with jumper switches on i think its on 2.6v atm (changed from 2.5v) if ure suggestion doesnt work shall i try that bumping it up to 2.7

AMD xp 2100
2 x 512MB DDR both sticks are exactly the same!
80gb hdd
gainward 126mb Geforce 4 4600 750 xp
431W Enermax EG465AXVE-G-FMA PSU with Manual Fan Control/Temp Control
lite-on dvd/ cdrw
sound blaster audigy player
two network cards one for cable modem and the other for home network
usb2 card 1 port used ATM
ms internet keyboard and logitech USB mouse logitech quikcam 4000

sorry if it seems scatterd its from three diffenr posts sorry :(
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  1. Give us some more info about your machine.

    Memory timings, OS, AGP settings, etc.

    Man, you really like USB. Sometimes I have problems because of too many USB items. That could be a problem too. I'll wait for your response and I am sure someone else will chime in once you post some more stats about your setup.

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  2. what OP system u running
  3. im using win xp pro but im not sure about the other stuff eg memory timing what the hell is that lol.

    agp is x4 i think im sure up^ing the dimm voltage would fix this thing cause its got the same symtoms as last time what would happen tho thats whats bothering me i dont wanna kill any part of my machine by overloading it.

    if its reversable i could just check it to see if it works

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