too much RAM???

I'm planning to build a new computer next month and I plan to put two modules of DDR PC2700 512MB of RAM into it. And the motherboard would be MSI K7N2-L which supports the dual DDR feature. And the CPU would be AMD Athlon XP 2100+ .

My questions is that would 1GB of RAM will slow my system down or decrease the overall system's performance, since AMD is based on sychronous processing? I have never used RAM more that 512MB.

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  1. Synchronousity(?) relates to the speed of the ram, not the amount of ram.
  2. 512mb should more than enough.

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  3. But if you've got the cash throw in the 1Gb. Then you'd have some bragging rights!

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  4. No, using 1 gig will not slow down your system, unless you are running win 98. If you're running Win 2k or XP and you have the cash to spare then get a gig.

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  5. fiy, i'm running Windows XP. anyway, wat i meant was the processor type. AMD is running on asynchronous processing (not sychronous as i mentioned earlier).
    i just afraid that 1GB of RAM would bog the system down relatively compared to 512 MB of RAM. however, it'll be running on Dual DDR. and some of my friends had experience of having 1 GB of RAM (not dual ddr) on their AMD system and their system was relatively slower about 5% to 10% compared to the 512 GB of RAM.
    anyway, thanz for advice!!!

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