would Ram upgrade make a differance?

using an athlonxp2000+.. asus a7n8x dlx board w/ 512mb of PC-2100 ram(2x256 ddr) would I have to change any bios settings in order to replace the PC- 2100 with PC-2700 (2x256 ddr) ? and would there be much performance differance. I'm a beginning gamer so diablo is about it right now but I am going to make my way into other 3Dgames soon and my dad does some video editing( puting pictures and music togather.

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  1. You would see very little increase, less than 5%. The upgrade is basicaly not worth it.

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  2. thanks for the suggestion.... I will take your advice. and wait to use my a7n8x on something later maybe barton and some 3500

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