Sound (and computer) Skips and Stutters

I'm running a computer with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and for the past year and a half it's been perfect. This morning, however, completely out of nowhere my sound started skipping and stuttering, not unlike what you hear when a scratched CD skips in a CD player, whenever I watched a video, played music or opened a game. It also seems to affect the rest of my system as well, and when the sound skips so does my mouse and keyboard control, although curiously my video is usually unaffected. I went into msconfig and disabled most startup programs except the sound drivers, and that seemed to lessen it and almost got rid of it altogether. However, since the problem started my computer has taken longer and longer to start up, and the problem itself has been getting significantly worse. Online research suggests that this may be the result of a failing power supply, but before I go out and buy another one, could it possibly be something else?

My specs:
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 970 3.6 GHz Quad Core
Motherboard: ASUS M48A7TD
Ram: 8 GB Corsair DDR3 (not sure of the model/speed but it's decent)
Video: ATI Radeon HD5750
Onboard Sound and LAN
Coolmax 600W Power Supply
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, fully updated with all service packs
Case is a well-ventilated Cooler Master
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  1. Try a anti-virus scan. Download driver sweeper and install it. Then go into safe mode uninstall sound drivers, use driver sweeper, and re-install new or same sound drivers. This is to rule out anything sound related.
  2. Virus scan didn't find anything. Uninstalling/reinstalling the sound drivers didn't fix the problem either. My computer also now takes about 4-5 minutes to start up, when it used to take no more than 2.
  3. Okay lets do a memory check:

    Make sure you have a laptop beside you or something to write down all the steps. Then come back with the results.
  4. I had the same problem and I just recently fixed it. So far it's been effective after several restarts so it's looking good.

    Remove the following file:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAANTmon.exe

    WARNING: Many sites do NOT recommend removing this but it's worked for me with no ill effects.

    This file seems to be related to RAIDS. It might have been installed when I attached a networked hard drive to my computer.

    Maybe the more knowledgable of you can figure out how this relates.

    Using the Resource Monitor was able to see that there was a very distinct CPU spike every 30 seconds which was causing the AV and mouse issues. I'm sure it was causing an entire system glitch but those are things that we are able to easily notice erratic behavior.

    I sure hope this helps get the problem addressed.
  5. I have found two solutions to this issue depending on hardware and software.

    If you have McAfee, please do the following (this fixed it for me after several months of researching and trying different things)
    1.Open McAfee Antivirus Panel

    2.Go to "Features,web and Email protection"

    3.Click on firewall

    4.On drop down menu click on "Net Guard"

    5.Turn it off

    6.Noise Should Disappear

    If you do not have McAfee and have a wireless card, download the latest driver for wireless card, remove the current driver, install the new driver. If you want to test this solution, prior to doing anything, just disable the wireless card and the stuttering shoud go away.
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