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I am a current AT&T customer and Just purchased a new Netgear 7550 combination modem/router from AT&T to replace the intermittant 2Wire combination modem/router. I have two computers and some other devices connected wirelessly to the router. Because of a big increase in rates from AT&T, I am switching from AT&T to Charter and saving about $40/month. However, the cable modem from Charter does not have a built in router. My question is: Can my wireless feature of the Netgear router work with the Charter cable modem or will I need to purchase a new wireless router?
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  1. The connection between the modem and router on the AT&T modem/router is internal and you would have to be able to connect a cat 5 cabel from your new modem to the other device. If you look at the back of the AT&T device and you can see 5 ethernet ports then one of them will be a WLAN port which will allow you to connect a cat 5 cable from your new modem. You cann certianly try to connect a cable from your new modem to the other devioce if it only has four ports and connect it to the first lan port and see if it will work.
    After looking at the technical specs of the AT&T device it has four lan ports and the WLAN port is RJ11 which is two wire telephone cable and the device is a DSL modem/router so you may have issues trying to connect using a cable service , you don't have a way to connect to the router part of the device unless the cat 5 pluged into the first lan port will work.
  2. Thanks for the info. I will try that when I get the Cable Modem installed. If that doesn't work I will get a stand alone wireless router.
  3. Also, my LAN port 1 on the Netgear router is attached via an ethernet cable to my Brother multifunction printer.
  4. The ports are not important for the printer and it can be put in any of the other ports without issue but it's the input to try and use the wireless function that you want to use the first port. There is also a web page with some info for just what your trying to do that may help.
  5. Since I don't yet have the Charter Cable modem, I am not able to try the suggested connection between the Netgear 7550 ethernet Port 1 and the Cable modem to see if I can continue to use the Netgear as my router.
  6. I had my Charter Cable Modem installed yesterday and my Linksys EA 3500 router arrived today. Two hours later I had 4 TV/DVD players, 2 DVR's, 2 printers, 1 tablet, and 1 smart phone connected. Entering the WPA key for each of these devices is a true pain in the B_tt when you only have an on screen keyboard. Other than that the Linksys connection was a piece of cake. I found out from an earlier conversation that it is not possible to use the AT&T Netgear 7550 Modem/Router as a stand alone router with a signal from the Arris Cable Modem supplied by Charter. I signed up for both the Internet and Telephone service and find both much superior in cost to the AT&T service. In addition, the Charter download/upload speed are a multiple of the AT&T speeds using However, in the real world, actual downloads from internet sites is slower for a number of reasons including server congestion, etc.
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