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i want to manage my outlook 2007 for internet and for email storage , so i want to know i can do this task , just give me some instruction about how to start this after opening the outlook programe
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  1. you want to know how to setup outlook for sending and receiving your email? please check with your email provider for the information you need to enter into outlook.
  2. 'Tools' 'Account Settings' 'New' 'Choose email' Enter your account details and it should be set up automatically for you.
  3. dodger46 how does outlook 'automatically' know weather the email provider uses IMAP or POP3 and what incoming and outgoing server settings they use? You need to consult with the email provider for the correct information.
  4. Certainly worked for me with BT and Talk talk... This feature is only available on the 2007/2010 versions of Outlook
    There is also a choice of Manual Settings
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