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Hello to the Tom's Hardware community. You may have heard of the game, Minecraft. If you have, you may know that you can make your own multiplayer Bukkit server. I've taken an interest in making one. I found a tutorial on the official website wiki. It worked. I made my server. I asked one of my Minecraft friends to join it. I gave him the IP address and it didnt work. I realized that I didnt port forward it. I did port forward it but it still doesnt work. I even tried Port Mapper and it still doesnt work. Now, I must tell you that the server port is 25566 instead of the default 25565. This is because I made a server before that I got rid of that was on 25565. I don't know if this affects anything. All I want to know is if I can get my friends to play. By the way, in case it means anything, I have a Windows 7 laptop with Amd. Don't tell me I need a new computer because I know that I don't.
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  1. By the way there is a kinda weird thing going on with the IP. i have a real IP but it is not for a bukkit server so I user my IPv4 but it was not bukkit either so I made my bukkit on I just added the ":25566: because if I dont put that it brings me to my other server. If you have any suggestions like deleting my old servers I'll do it. I just want to know what I am doing.
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