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I just got a used Samsung QX411 and installed Windows 7 along with all the drivers through the Samsung website but I cannot connect through Wifi. I've tried through Ethernet and that was working fine and I also checked the device manager to make sure that all the drivers were installed without any issues and none were found, I think the wifi card is a Cenrino Wimax 6150 so I wasn't sure if I should look to order and and try that out. I have multiple devices connected through my Linksys E2500 router with WPA/WPA2 security so I don't think that would be the problem. Could it the wifi card on the laptop? I didn't think the device or drivers would be under the device manager if there was a problem with the hardware. I was hoping to give this as a present for Xmas so any help would be great? Thanks guys!
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  1. On some laptops there is a button , switch or keyboard key that will tturn the wireless adapter on. If there is a switch or button it will be on the front edge or front bottom of the laptop. If it's a key the it may be a Fn ( Function) key as there are keys on the keyboard that have letters in a darker color that are enabled when the Fn key is pressed and it may be one of those that turn on the wireless.
    Alternatively you can go into the network adapters page and see if the wireless adapter is enabled and that will tell you if the adapter is on or not.
  2. I just went and looked at my wifes laptop which is a Toshiba and the F keys at the top of the keyboard have symbols on them that can be activated by pressing the Fn key which is located beside the Window key. The F8 key has a wireless symbol on it that will turn the wireless on and off from the keyboard when the Fn key is pressed.
  3. I went to double check to make sure that the wifi is on and yes it is. I can scan the network fine but after entering the network key it won't allow me to connect. I've tried connected to different networks and I've made sure that it is correct.
  4. Just to be sure that it is correct , when you say that you entered the network key which key are you referring to and where did you get it from. I have to ask because I'm not there and don't know exactly everything , I can only go by what to post.
    The network password is the one found in the control panel > Network and Internet > Homegroup > view and print the homegroup password.
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