silly Enermax fan cause comp no boot? how?

this might sound funny but a Enermax adjestable fan
actually stop my computer from booting

this is how it happened.
I bought my original computer at mwave and everything was fine. The only problem I had was I started it cheap. The case was a piece of crap and I fear the PSU will blow up sometime someday. Not to mention the AMD system was LOUD.
So...I bought every gooddy people say one by one and switched pretty much every thing but the MOBO and CPU little by little.

But, this day I put in an other Kingston 512Mb ECC and the computer wont boot(kind of happened before but I really didn't know what the problem was and how did I fix it, neither know if the punching and kicking did any good =P)
first came to my mind was, the MOBO is done. Good thing is that The computer still got its 1 year parts worrenty. So I sent back the MOBO for replace ment, and the memory chip i bought(from mwave too, just in case it was the memory was messed up)

SO, finally my Abit KG-7Raid is back with a brend new memory modual. Put everything together....Still no boot. I thought it's the CPU this time so I got another CPU.

SO here we go again, Put back my AMD2000+ on my Abit KG7R. Have the Volcano 7+ installed and my Enermax 365W PSU connected, and power core ready. Before put on anything else I had a test run. Hit the power buttom and I heard the "Beeeeep"(which I havn't heard for 2 months). So it will boot, and I thought the problem is solved. After putting everything in. The computer wont "Beeep". I reconncted every cable and this time will boot but CMOS wont work. I finally found out what the problem is. Whenever this Enermax adjestable case fan on 'fan1' of the MOBO, the computer wont boot, when the fan is on 'fan4'(which is right next to 'fan1' port) I'll be able to boot but cant get in CMOS. Now I have it pluged into 'fan3'. It is working OK but takes 10sec to hear the beep after each boot. How can this be happening?

AMD2000+, Volcano7+, Enermax 365W PSU
Abit KG-7Raid (VIA chipset)
Lian-Li PC68
Hercules 3Dprophet 8500
SB audigy EX
Linksys ethernet card
Leadtech winfox TV2000XP
some shitty DVD-ROM
Lite-On 40X CD-RW
WD 40GB + Maxtor 40GB

Korea....good sport?
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  1. I also had a problem with my KG7-RAID when I plugged an adjustable fan in one of the slots... the BIOS would lock if the rpm got to low or something. I fixed this by not using the rpm monitor (yellow or blue wire) for the fan.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  2. Well either the fan has some current draw problems on a particular header, or its as svol said, the bios monitors the RPM of that fan and fails to boot if its too low.
    There should be a bios option to disable this fan speed monitoring.

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