reading from my system stats to be short i have the E8400 stock speed [althouh i had it up to 3.8 with stock fan and sink, ran stable for a while then apps would crash. at 3.6 it ran great but i droped it back down]
i have 2 page files of 512mb. one on each drive for each OS
8 gigs of the best corsair with heat sinks running at 4-4-4-12 timings and all is great.

i addded a 16 gig usb2.0 flash drive with 4096 [the max they allowed] for readyboost. re-enabled superfetch in services

my question: is this superfetch/readyboost of any real world value to me considering the type and amount of ram in the system and my question applies to all three OSes im running XP and win7 32bit on one drive, win7 64bit on the other drive?

i wonder because im dont really notice any difference just like i didnt notice a difference from the jump from 4 1 gig sticks to 4 2 gig sticks.
some games i play didn't have any real noticible frame rate increase either when i pulled the 4870 512 @ 750 core/900 mem and installed the 4890 OC at stock core 950/ 1050 on the ram other than the ability to nax out all settings on every game including crysis and Farcry2, assassin's creed etc. some games like Rogur warrior had no change at all and this wasnt due to vsync cause i had it turned off.

so do i just have 2 unecessary processes running ie superfetch/readyboost?
i could find a lot of other uses for that new 16 gig usb drive if superfetch doent do anything for a system build like mine.\

As always, thanx in advance to all you gurus out there and yes my next build will be a I7 or I9 with triple channel ram and a 5890. just waiting for more games and apps to be wriiten that will make use of those extra cores and threads. LOL
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    Readyboost won't make a significant difference at all given that you have 8 gigs of RAM. I'd leave superfetch on though (which has nothing at all to do with the flash drive).
  2. so i should remove the 16 gig usb and leave superfetch on? as i understand it superfetch using the files in my windows prefetch helps apps open and run faster by tracking usage, times, etc.

    well im gonna remove the flash drive now, leave superfetch enabled and see what happens.
    should i do the same on the dell 8400 system i have with the 4 gigs of ram maxed out? im using a 512mb usb flash drive on that one with the same superfetch/readyboost setup. i cant see 512mb doing me that much service either considering the amount of ram and what i use the sytem for. i may game on it as its def capable as a gaming rig, even for newer games, as long as they arent games requiring dual core cpus, like STFU as ive found out and related to yall in a separate post.
    thanx again
  3. I agree with cjl - but hey, the proof is in the pudding, right? Just take the drive out and see what happens...
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